Enviro comm Blog 2

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is courpt.


A report by a agency watchdog said “Due to the ties to oil, gas and nuclear sectors.”

The corruption evovled in lack of proper influence on advicing goverments to move towards a more renewable enery grid. The IEA apparently also miscalcualted the potential capacity for wind power, as well as projected that in 2015– all wind would stop.

Idea, stop listening to these colition goverment agencies. The United Nations should push forward a World Power agenda. The fact we have most likely by most guesses hit ‘peak oil’, the world is on a downturn and the planet is melting slowly into eMarSth, should be motivation enough.


Any surprises in the area of PR work, based on what you find at PR Watch?

No real suprises, I was however excited… maybe a little suprised at the amount of information you were to access, acruately and quickly.

How is PR different from advertising?

PR is selling a product for public opinion, advertising is selling a product for compensation.

How does PR Watch leave you feeling about the PR industry?

I feel the same about the PR industry as I did before, impartial, but I know it necissary.

Is corporate capitalist PR any different than that practiced by groups like the Sierra Club, or the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, etc.?

No, a lobist group is a lobist group, corporate funding can go into a agency like the Sierra Club to push an equal adgenda. Its not that different.


2 Responses to “Enviro comm Blog 2”

  1. Erica Says:

    I think you expressed good opinons! Great Job!

  2. nick Says:

    Good ideas expressed, but get into it — get some depth — give us MORE MORE than a sentence or two:

    How do you feel about PR? About IEA corruption? A blog should get a little rude, worked up, emotional — this ain ‘t a class quiz re: the questions, but a chance for you to SHOUT.
    Simply re: class, follow the student code of conduct . . . beyond that, get down to it.

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