Blog Three

I live Downtown, and this winter, sucked. Other then great views of valley and then I have a great view of the Inversion as it covers the valley.

During our last inversion I decided to ride my bike to work, I live three blocks from work. Bad choice, never have I coughed so hard especially coming home (uphill). I’m a frequent rider, but I suppose I need to get a mask, much like the Olympic riders in China this past summer.

Driving over the freeway, like on the way to school you can often see the inversion. Right over the top of the freeway, yes, its thicker there because of the condensed emitions. You can see a semi add to a already existent cloud. Gross.

I moved downtown to cut down my commuting, both economically and environmentally it was a better choice. I work three blocks away, have three online classes.

I wish I could do it without thinking about needing a mask!

We all need to condense our ‘commute’ trust me not just for your sanity, but for our heath, and the planets health. Slowly people will realize that bout the Planet and Our future is interlocked.

Also so excited about Obama’s Carbon trading market..


2 Responses to “Blog Three”

  1. nick Says:

    I live downtown SLC as well — online classes, telecommute, live near work — other options we should all actively pursue?

    What’s great about Obama’s plan? Carbon trading is a new MBA dream-job, for many folks. Will this truly help the world? What do you think? Can the master’s tools dismantle the master’s house?

    And here’s this:
    “Once, if you were in your 20s and wanted to save the environment, you might have joined Greenpeace. But climate change and a billion-dollar carbon market that trades in carbon credits — as if they were pork bellies — have created a new career niche.

  2. nick burns Says:

    What makes you excited about his carbon trading market?

    Seems this could be great, but also, could leave our UT air just the same as now, if our UT local polluters buy the right to keep on pollutin’ —

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