Blog 6

This isn’t really an enviromental issue but could and has been

its called


So he’s just a man right?

First black president. k.

Tackling two wars. k.

Tackling Pakastan secrectly with Afganistan. k.

Iran and North korea nuclear programs. k

Financial crisis, econcomy. maybe. k.


The man has big things on his list

Not all out of the woods but it seems like the man gets what he wants.

Pirates problem.  – 10 SHIPS in the past week freed

Drug cartes – Columbia’s TOP drug lord aressested same day he appoints his CZAR of the border. (COM’ON to easy)

Stimulis – Don’t care about you right wing


I hope he continues on his warpath of change, however, he is still a politician.


Next: “Global warming, everyone turn off your lights” boom.


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